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main project image of a man standing infront of a desk, looking at a screen

Visions on how to work and life.

Moosi Interior Design is about a passion which turned into profession. I was asked to help this young business grow and take the next step by designing & directing a digital product; showcasing interior design, while also highlighting thought process and approach.

Moosi Interior Design
Concept, Creative Direction, Visual Design, User Experience, Development
interior photography for the projectnature photography for the projectinterior photography for the projectinterior photography for the project

Starting from scratch.

Up until the moment we started thinking about a digital product, there was no representation yet. This was a huge challenge, but also an awesome opportunity. Through conversations it was clear that photography will be important. To showcase work - but also the approach of a project and connection to nature of Moosi.

To support the content of the concept we had help of a copywriter and photographer. Through directing copy and photography cont I made sure the content created is fitting to the design concepts explored so far. The website was developed and made reality by myself, utilising my front-end skillset.

design with personal information about moosiscreenshot of website design

The format.

While exploring we quickly went for a magazin style layout, based on three columns throughout the website. These columns would act as foundation for all visual design decisions, while still being flexible on worthwhile exceptions of that decision. Due to nature being a major source of inspiration for the interior design we've chosen earthy and warm color tones to support the branding - which was very minimal.

screenshot of website designscreenshot of website designscreenshot of website design
interior photography for the projectscreenshot of website designnature photography for the projectinterior photography for the projectscreenshot of website design