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What does it take to lead?

portrait of a man in military uniformportrait of a woman in military uniformportrait of a man in military uniform

The Dutch Ministry of Defence is looking for talent - capable and willing - to take lead & responsibility. Able to take the right decision, morally and ethically.

Public Sector
Dutch Ministry of Defence
Concept, User Experience, Art Direction

Grasp the excessive challenges of leading.

The Dutch ministry of Defence is in need of tertiary educated talent to become officers; able to, but also willing to take lead. Taking decisions in this sector might confront you with more leadership challenges and power than at any multinational out there.

Yet, tertiary educated talent rarely think of taking a career path within the military. The challenge was to reach this talent and inspire them on the nature and severeness of the work, challenges and dilemma’s.

Learn to Lead.

We had to solve two main challenges: how to reach the right talent, while also convincing them of considering a career in military and create a campaign reaching this goal within a very tight budget. We came up with creating a website in which visitors could experience different dilemma’s and take decisions that potentially could have drastic consequences.

image of four military students in the front of the dutch military universitydesigns to choose a scenario for learn to lead

Those dilemma’s were based on real life, as we got the chance to interview officers and use their stories as inspiration. The dilemma’s we’re told re-using existing material, crafting a new story. Within Learn to Lead we challenge the visitor to take important decisions, while also educating the user on the effect of their decision and what’s expected of an officer.

designs of a case of learn to leaddesigns of a case of learn to leaddesigns of a case of learn to leaddesigns of voting on learn to lead

Putting education in the military on the map.

Through omni-channel marketing, including Dutch television the expectations of putting the Dutch ministry of Defence on the map for tertiary educated talent, were exceeded. The gamification style storytelling was appreciated by the target group, familiarising them with the military and tough decision making. The campagin-website is still being used today.