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Being edgy in a corporate world.

Moosi Interior Design
Concept, Creative Direction, Visual Design, User Experience, Development

A few companies got together to initiate an award for Digital Transformation, one of them is Mirabeau, my employer. I have been asked to create a new digital platform for this award.

graphical explorations for the project
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Transformation is about change and adaptation. Inspired by this I’ve proposed a design based on organic, but also very edgy shapes acting as a metaphor of transformation.
Some snapshots on exploring color, gradients and pushing for edginess.

graphical explorations for the projectgraphical explorations for the project

Colors & colors & gradients.

Digital Transformers Awards has already taken place before, a color palette and slight branding was developed in earlier iterations. Nevertheless a lot of exploration on colors and updated branding were done by myself; from yellow’s to purple’s to red and everything in-between.

Together with the stakeholders we found a balance of new and old. Combining the original Logo with new graphical elements and shapes, as well as using existing colors in a new way through bold gradients, slight shadows and also movement on the website it self.