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A orange SUV in front of houses on a street

Ready to find your new(ish) dream car?

Concept, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Art Direction

The team working on CarNext was in need of a fresh & unbiased view on their daily challenges. Together with the team I’ve created a few concepts & directions to evolve personalisation, branding, animation and more.

design exploration for carnextdesign exploration for carnextdesign exploration for carnextdesign exploration for carnext

A personalised experience for everyone.

CarNext has the ambition of providing the best second-hand car buying experience, online to offline. To achieve that goal, a hyper-personalised concept was proposed; using data and machine learning to showcase the right selection of cars, as fast as possible.

With support of intelligent search & browsing behaviour analysis; while asking targeted questions on the platform, the user can find the ideal match of cars.

design of a car detail page for 2nd hand car retailer carnextdesign exploration for carnextdesign to schedule an appointment with a cardealership for carnext
mobile designs of car details for carnextmobile design for a homepage of carnext
search page designs for carnext

Gaining trust through transparency.

Customers of CarNext are able to look at all details related to their desired car, without visiting the store or talking to an assistant. Every bit of information that is needed to make a choice is documented online; ranging from entertainment packages, driving assistance or a detailed maintenance history of the car.

illustration of a human and a robot, both giving a thumbs upillustration of a car
card design of a volkswagen polo with some information on the car, such as manual drive or air conditioningcard with cosmeting features of a car, like metallic paintcard with an overview of electronics and multimedia of a carcard including safety features of a car