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Welcome to the fun stuff, my playground. A

collection of personal work, experiments,

unfinished projects & everything in-between.

image of a trail in the italian dolomites

A picture I took during a hiking trip in the Dolomites.

poster / graphic design I made

Colors, gradients & textures.

a poster design I have made.

Exploration of gradients & shapes.

branding of a meetup called front end design for mirabeau, a digital agency

Front-End-Design meet up poster @ Mirabeau.

a build up / progress of a 3D illustration I made. it shows a scenery full of trees and greenery

Tree Island in 3D.

a poster design I have made.

Twisty gradient roads.

a poster / graphic design which states the word intercell

Intercell parties are fun!

a poster design I have made.

Reminds me of some mean bass.

branding explorations of a possible design studio name I did.

Brand explorations. ;)

a 3d illustration of an italian plaza / house

A little Italian place I made with Blender.

a poster / graphic design in dark colors which is an interpretation of pacman

Pac man incoming.

a 3d illustration which shows a large post-apocalyptic sky scraper

Mad Max Fury Road Hangout.

branding I made for an internal hackathon at the Mirabeau digital agency

Design for a digital hackathon at Mirabeau.

a photo I took in the italian dolomites

The three peaks in the Dolomites.

graphic design for a campaign of LVNL in the netherlands

Campaign artwork for LVNL Netherlands.

a poster design showing orange and black dotwork

Different kind of dotwork.

a photo i took in the italian dolomites

Dolomites trip #2.