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I'm a passionate

cyclist & motorbike


Next to being out there spending time ontwo wheels - I like to create productsand experiences humans enjoy & use.Doing this with a focus on product,branding & motion design.

Senior designer

& Art Director.

I’m a self-taught designer. Helping great brands to unlock their potential, by crafting experiences & services at the intersection of design, technology & strategy.

a portrait of me with the italian dolomites in the background
When people ask me what I do for a living I usually tell them that I am a designer - which I am. Though I actually find it difficult to put myself into a category. I do a lot of things. I enjoy new experiences & connecting (with) people.
a picture of me on a bicycle in nature.

Hello, I'm Alex. I'm a Senior Designer & Art Director, an eager cyclist, motorbike adventurist, and a autodidact learner &
. Before enjoying life around Amsterdam, I've spent a bit of my childhood in France near
, but mostly in Germany in lovely
. I also love mountains, old-school rap & Star Wars.

Today I use my digital mindset to craft meaningful experiences & services that connect people with brands. As an autodidact I am always curious to learn and explore things I do not know much about. This helps me balance design and new or
technology, and challenge what’s possible today. I enjoy this the most working in an eclectic group of ambitious people, who care about human interaction, creative problem solving & doing the right thing.

My expertise
Product & Visual Design
Branding & Art Direction
Animation & 3D illustration
Prototyping & User Research
Super powers
HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Autodidact learner
Background in advertising
My Approach

Turning idea’s into awesome experiences requires serious commitment and
having fun


First we got to understand the problem & goal(s) of a challenge, as well as how those should be aligned with user needs.

Think & Inspire

Through creative thinking ideas need to be generated to be able to empower change and finding the right solution.

Create something beautiful

A (digital) product needs to be functional as well as distinctive & memorable. Being aesthetically pleasing naturally plays a role.

While exploring the world of design I discovered that I have a thing for gradients & colors. Next to discovering this unexpected love story - I taught myselfs few different things like animation,
3D illustration
& front-end

Some of my explorations with gradients, color fades and textures.
a poster design I have made.a poster design I have made.a poster design I have made.a poster design I have made.
some Values & thoughts I believe in
Work hard, play hard -  explore new stuff!
We’re all in the same boat, doing our best - let’s be kind.
Ice-cream makes everyone happy. Design is not ice-cream.
Be clear & honest - stick to your values.
Take risks and step out of your comfort zone.